Slide and Tilt Telescopic Kit


This complete kit, ready for assembly, offers a partial extension drawer slide that tilts. The extension and the tilt angle are easily adjustable.

the pivot device gives an easy access to the content of high located drawers

It is delivered as a ready to assemble kit that contains all the necessary items for one drawer: rail and runner, aluminum pivot, stoppers, roller bearing. Materials are steel, stanless steel, aluminum and polyamide.

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Technical informations


This slide and tilt slide is intended for applications of drawers of medium loads in high locations, and requiring easy and quick access. It is especially designed for firefighting vehicles to optimize space and maximize access.

we do not recommend vertical mounting (guillotine) for this model.

Recommended operating temperatures from -20 to 80°C.

This system cannot be flat mounted.


Chambrelans production of this guid rail is based on the use of cold drawn steel profiles.

Its ball bearings are made of 100C6 chrome steel. It is greased with a high pressure grease.

Chambrelan is specialized in the design and manufacturing of telescopic slides and rails for industrial applications: reinforced slides, linear slide bearings rail, bearings guide, steel, aluminum or stainless steel sliders, partial, full or over extension, heavy duty industrial drawers...


Standard slides are delivered slightly greased. We use a high pressure bearing grease for steel slides and a white grease for aluminum and stainless slides. Upon request, we can use food grease (compatible clean room) a high temperature grease a teflon free grease (for spray booths...) grease free mounting (although we do not advise this option)

    A food safe grease, combined with stainless steel ball bearings, offers a cheap alternative to stainless steel slides.


    Manual lock

      It has no lock option so far.

      Surface treatment

      Other treatments ensuring better corrosion resistance are also available. Do not hesitate to contact us.

      A nitruration coating of the rail can be supplied, which offers, in addition to corrosion resistance, an increased resistance to hammering of ball bearings and a longer lifespan. This option can be usefull in the case of intensive use or applications subject to vibrations.

      Stainless stell ball bearings mounting

      It can be mounted with stainless steel balls to get a very good corrosion resistance, which in some cases can provide an economical alternative to stainless steel slides.

      high temp use

      We do not recommend using this product outside the standard temperature range.

        Vertical mounting

        This slide can not be mounted vertically (guillotine).