Reinforced Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide

2 beams partial extension


This reinforced 2 beas stainless steel telescopic slide, offers a partial extension.

Strong, it encloses reinforced ball bearings that restricts twisting of the beams.

It is intended for heavy loads in applications requiring a very strong slide.

Drilling scheme

Chambrelan  - Reinforced Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide - 2 beams partial extension - ST78

Standard closed lengths

Closed length
Load per pair
on major axis
Load per pair
on minor axis

CAD Files

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200 mm 80 mm 140 kg 115 kg
250 mm 130 mm 140 kg 120 kg
300 mm 180 mm 140 kg 122 kg
350 mm 230 mm 140 kg 120 kg
400 mm 280 mm 140 kg 116 kg
450 mm 310 mm 175 kg 113 kg
500 mm 340 mm 210 kg 108 kg
550 mm 370 mm 245 kg 104 kg
600 mm 400 mm 280 kg 100 kg
650 mm 430 mm 278 kg 96 kg
700 mm 480 mm 270 kg 92 kg
750 mm 510 mm 260 kg 90 kg
800 mm 540 mm 250 kg 87 kg
850 mm 570 mm 238 kg 84 kg
900 mm 600 mm 224 kg 81 kg
1 000 mm 680 mm 200 kg 75 kg
1 100 mm 740 mm 180 kg 68 kg
1 200 mm 800 mm 160 kg 58 kg
1 300 mm 880 mm 140 kg 49 kg
1 400 mm 940 mm 120 kg 40 kg
1 500 mm 1 020 mm 98 kg 30 kg
1 600 mm 1 080 mm 74 kg 21 kg
1 700 mm 1 140 mm 50 kg 10 kg

The characteristics given on this website correspond to standard manufacture or usual requirements. Our position as a manufacturer enables us to offer great flexibility in order to meet the most specific requirements. So Chambrelan can easily adapt part lengths, optional lengths, drillings, diameters and hole centres, surface treatments, options and fittings for fixing.

Technical informations


The guide rail is very strong, both in terms of its cold drawn hardened profiles and its end stops. It is intended for applications of heavy loads drawers or to withstand hard use. Being equipped with reinforcing ball bearings, it may also be flat mounted. Remember that a flat mounting induce significant deflection.

Recommended operating temperatures from -20 to 80°C. After modifications during manufacturing, we can go from -50 to 250°C.

This product can be used as average load drawer slides, machine guard guides, telescopic rod, bar or arm, generator slide, furniture slide, extendable table slide rail, horizontal suspended guidance or in some cases as in vertical guides.


Chambrelan produces this telescopic slide using cold drawn stainless steel profiles.

Standard coating is electropolishing.

It has straight stops when opening and closing.

It has ball cages made of stainless steel.

Its ball bearings are made of stainless steel. It is greased with a white grease.

Chambrelan is specialized in the design and manufacturing of telescopic slides and rails for industrial applications: reinforced slides, linear slide bearings rail, bearings guide, steel, aluminum or stainless steel sliders, partial, full or over extension, heavy duty industrial drawers...


Standard slides are delivered slightly greased. We use a high pressure bearing grease for steel slides and a white grease for aluminum and stainless slides. Upon request, we can use food grease (compatible clean room) a high temperature grease a teflon free grease (for spray booths...) grease free mounting (although we do not advise this option)


    Manual lock

    • ST78V : lock opened: when extended, push the lock to close the slider.
    • ST78F : lock closed: when closed, push the lock to open the slider.
    • ST78VF : lock opened and closed: when extended, push the lock to close the slider, when closed, push the lock to open the slider.

    In most cases, only one locking slide is required for the locking of the drawer to be achieved.

    When mounting in vehicles, we invite you to contact us if you plan to use locking slides.

    the presence of lock and latches makes some shorter lengths impossible to manufacture. Moreover some standard holes may not be present.

    we do not recommend locking options for use in vertically mounted (guillotine) applications.

    Double extension

    • ST78DD : the slide opens from both sides. This can be used for transfer hatches.

    The double extension option is incompatible with any locking system.

    high temp use

    Use in high temperature (furnace): This model can be used in high temperatures environments: up to 250°C. However, adjustments are necessary: Additionnal play in the assembly to allow the expansion elements without blocking the slide Use of high temperature grease Removing of all plastic parts. These adjustments on the slides should be performed in the factory, it is important to warn us with price request or order and to allow a delay for manufacturig.

      Development changes

      the extension of this model can be decreased or increased up to 10%.

      increased development reduces the maximum permissible load.

      Vertical mounting

      This slide can be mounted vertically. However, to avoid jamming, it is necessary to install, during production, additional stoppers to relocate the ball cages. It is therefore necessary to specify the type of installation requirements: downward or upward movement.


      Chambrelan  - Reinforced Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide - 2 beams partial extension - ST78
      Chambrelan Chambrelan Chambrelan - Reinforced Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide - 2 beams partial extension - ST78

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