The applications for our products

Chambrelan slides are reliable and robust products. Mounted on the major axis,in pairs, with a load distributed uniformly, Chambrelan slides will give you complete satisfaction.

The rules for good mounting are simple :

  1. Use of all fixings provided,
  2. Make sure the slide are parallel,
  3. For locking slides make sure the slides stop equal to eachother,
  4. Make sure the bearing areas are even.

ATM, vending and self-service equipment

Exemple d'application

Internal working environments of vending and self-service equipment is varied, demanding the available range of components to be as diverse as possible. While being available in a range of materials to suit the internal working environments of different machines slides have to offer maximum utilisation of available space. Flexibility in design with choice of closed lengths and extensions while providing good load capacities, life duty cycles and low operating forces ensure the safe, ergonomic, and economic construction and use of the machines.

Using slides can much improve the ease and speed of access to the internal workings of machines for maintenance, restocking or repair.Chambrelan telescopic slide and linear rails can help optimise your design being available in a range of materials, including stainless steel and Aluminium.

Our telescopic slides are available with either partial, full or super extensions to aid access to equipment at the rear of large cabinets.We have models of slide that have demountable inner beams for safe and speedy change-over of internal modules and locking and bidirectional movements to enhance the security and operational performance of your designs.

We are also able to design and manufacture bespoke solutions just for your application.


Telescopic slides and linear guides in the rolling stock industry

Exemple d'application

When it comes to the rolling stock (train, streetcars ...), components are chosen upon their reliability and durability.

Reliability because the passengers safety is paramount. Reliability because you have to consider extreme conditions, significant variations in temperature and weather, intensive vibrations and prolonged use of mechanical parts.

Longevity as operators require robust and reliable components to ensure long life with low maintenance and low maintenance costs. Tailor-made solutions are proposed to meet the extremely demanding specifications.

In the rail sector, the linear guide and telescopic slides are used in many applications. As in other markets, Chambrelan is distinguished by its ability to deliver standard solutions or quickly develop customized solutions.

The main applications of linear guides in the railway industry:

  • Exterior doors for cars
  • Telescopic steps
  • Seats
  • Telescopic front hood
  • battery boxes drawers
  • tool boxes drawers reachable on each side of the cars
  • platform doors
  • Maintenance Structures


Linear Solutions for applications in industrial machines

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Efficiency is a key concept for industrial machinery used in production: machinery and workstations must be able to function properly for long cycles, often with critical phases or contaminating and corrosive substances. The slightest malfunction or circumstance that causes a machine stop causes an immediate loss of the efficiency of the production process and therefore costs.

They must also withstand some abuses from the endusers.

These components must be easy to install and / or replace and require little maintenance.

The linear guide rails are used in many fields of industrial machinery, such as opening housings or covers of machines, moving screen, monitor, or tools on a workstation.

In addition, the use of roller shoes allows the machine to achieve high traveling speeds with a fluid movement and without play, and this even in the presence of residue or contamination (dust, dirt, etc.).

The telescopic slides are widely used extractions of drawers or machine components during maintenance. In lengths from 150mm to 2 meters, extensions up to 150% of the closed length, from a few kilos to a ton, steel, aluminum or stainless steel, Chambrelan guiding system meet the different conditions of use.

We are also able to offer solution in case of high temperature applications.

To meet the needs of industrial machines operating in humid environments or in contact with corrosive agents, all products are available with anti-corrosion treatment


Linear rails solutions for special purposes vehicles

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The design of special vehicles involves careful selection of guiding systems. They must be able to meet the specific requirements of the automotive sector (vibration, shock, humidity ...) and must effectively operate even in the most severe applications.

Sliding system and extraction functions are needed in many special vehicles such as vehicles for public works, commercial vehicles or emergency response vehicles. Not only do they facilitate quick and secure access, but also optimize space usage.

The mechanical components used for these applications must withstand the stresses related to impacts and vibrations and must also be efficient even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as corrosion, dirt, dust and temperature fluctuations.

The linear guides and telescopic slides are used in several applications in various special vehicles due to their characteristics (small size, stiffness, high load capacity) and with different anticorrosion treatments offering increased resistance.

These systems combined with the slam lock handle allow us to offer a range of services to the end user.

  • Vehicles seat adjustment
  • telescopic slides for ramp extraction,
  • Door opening
  • Roof opening system
  • Control panel settings
  • Emergency hoist extension
  • Drawer for tooling
  • Drawers-over-extension slides for an easy of handling of generator,
  • Pivot slide and tilt system for instant access to drawers content,
  • Double extension drawer slide for access on both sides of the vehicle


Protective hood of control desk

Protective hood of control desk

Mounted on RA44 slides, this hood prevents access to the control desk by unauthorized people.

NB : The slides can be flat mounted on the minor axis because the load to be withstood in extension is minimal. 

Boxes fitted with slides

Boxes fitted with slides

These industrial batteries mounted in boxes have to be taken out with a minimum of stress. Accessibility, easy removing and remounting are vital.

In this case, the solution consists of fitting brackets with locating pins onto the slides.

The nitruration operation enables the mechanical qualities of the slides to be improved as well as offering reinforced protection.


Emergency vehicle

Emergency vehicle

All the equipment available on an emergency vehicle must be rapidly available and installed in the easiest and most efficient way possible. The use of slides will make the movement and utilisation of equipment and accessories as varied as a motor-driven pump, a winch or a cable reel, much easier.

Some equipment in an emergency vehicle has to be taken out of its storage space rapidly and be put into operation instantly.

The slides meet the rescuers' needs perfectly, thanks to their rugged design as well as the safety margins built into the stated load capacity.

In addition, the slides offer strong resistance to vibration thanks to the workhardening hardening of the profiles.

Electronic racks

Electronic racks

This 2 part cabinet has to open to allow the technicians internal access.

This low cost solution enables space to be saved and improves the access for and cost of maintenance.

NB : The considerable height of the drawer compelled us to use stabilising slides in the upper part to avoid a "swinging" effect.