A quick overview in 7 pts

Our range of ball bearing telescopic slides is designed for industrial applications.
As a manufacturer for more than 60 years, we have a deep understanding of slides issues.

Chambrelan's slides : parts and uses

1 - Closed Lengths / 2 - Extensions

Our range of ball bearing telescopic slides is composed of 3 large families of slides with either 2, 3 or 4 beams to respond all demands of different industrial drawer slides applications. The extension is depending on the closed length, which goes from 150mm up to 2000mm.

Partial Extension Slide

Partial extension slide

A slide with 2 beams that offers a partial extension, a portion of the moving beam has to remain within the fixed beam.

Total Extension Slider

Total extension slide

A slide with 3 beams that offers a total extension, the additional intermediate beam increases the possible extension

Over Extension Glide

Over extension slide

A slide with 4 beams that offers an over- extension (150% or more of closed length) thanks to the 2 intermediate beams.

3 - Load capacity : Light, Medium, Heavy duty ball bearing drawer runners:

With nearly a hundred types of slides available, our range of sliding systems covers a wide range of requirements from a few kilos to more than one ton. Closed lengths go from 150mm up to 2000mm.

Light duty drawer sliders

light duty ball bearing drawer gliding, going up to 75kg, such as cabinet ball bearing drawer.slides

Medium duty drawer runner

medium duty industrial pull out rails, going up to 200kg drawer rail

Heavy duty drawer track

heavy duty industrial telescopic sliders, going up to 400kg drawer runner

Extra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

extra heavy duty industrial telescopic slides, going up to 1250kg

4 - Materials & surface treatments:

Telescopic tracks are made of 3 main types of material, steel, aluminium, stainless steel; CHAMBRELAN drawer runners come with a surface treatment depending on the material.

Zinc plated steel draw slide

Carbon steel telescopic slides for standard application.

Anodized aluminium drawer runner

Aluminium drawer slides for light duty or specific use.

Stainless steel slide system

Stainless steel telescopic slides for corrosive environment or specific application


  Zinc plated steel draw slides Anodized aluminium gliders Stainless steel sliding system
Standard Zinc plating is the standard treatment for carbon steel telescopic slides Aluminium drawer slides are made of soft anodized aluminium. Stainless steel telescopic slides are delivered after an electrolytic pickling of each slide beam.
Option on request Black Zinc Plating
Nickel zinc plating
Hard anodization Klosterizing


All our treatments are RoHS and REACH compliant.

5 - Options:

Locking devices

Example of options

Standard slides comes with stoppers but no locking devices;Some locking drawer slides offer 3 different locks: - Lock out (positive lock)
- Lock in
- Lock in & out
Slam lock can also be considered.

Double extension slides

For drawers that need to be reached on each side of the cabinet, double extension system can be adapted on 2 or 3 beam telescopic drawer slides.DD slam lock handle offer a turnkey solution to this kind of system

Detachable sliders

For maintenance purposes, or for easy install drawers, slides might have to be detached (and reattached for operation is complete)

Table tracks


We are able to customize some ball bearing slides to offer table slide system:The table centre opens, or the table extends on two sides.

6 - 3 types of mounting for our drawer tracks:

Side mounting drawer

Sliding rails are designed to be set on the side of the sliding system. When it comes to heavy duty or extra heavy duty sliders, side mounting is necessary.

Bottom mounting extension slides drawer

For a simplified installation, slides can be used bottom mounted (i.e. under the drawer, as an undermount drawer runner).We suggest to select our reinforced telescopic sliders for bottom mounted drawer slide.It is also possible to use them as center mount drawer slide.

Vertical mounting gliders (up & down use)


Screens or protection panel can have to move vertically, either upwards, or downwards.Some standard telescopic slides are recommended for this type of use.Some other pull out rails can be adapted to this type of mounting

7 – Accessories:Slam Lock Handle

Handle for drawer


A simple, easy to grab and reliable handle.


Slam Lock Handle for cabinet drawers


A slam lock handle, that needs a manual operation to unlock the drawer.


Double Slam Lock Handle for drawers

A slam lock handle, that needs a manual operation to unlock and open the drawer AND to close it back.


Slam Lock Handle for double extension drawer slides


A slam lock handle, that keeps the drawer in its central position, unless manually operated.


Reduced maintenance

CHAMBRELAN slides have been designed to operate with a minimum maintenance in the most challenging of environments. Only under extreme conditions of use will they require some complementary maintenance.


Easy to integrate, easy to install

You can find within this catalogue comprehensive data to allow a good and simple installation: load capacity, length, drilling scheme ... Moreover, on the website, you can find our product, including 3D, in every standard CAD format