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Selecting the perfect telescopic slide in 5 steps

Selecting the perfect telescopic slide in 5 steps? They are called: telescopic slide, linear guide, slide, ball bearing slide or sliding rail… Yet you need them for your project but don’t know which one to choose? Moreover CHAMBRELAN offers you more than a hundred slide references, in 3 types of extensions and 3 different materials. It’s not easy to find your way around such a wide range of products! That’s why we detail these 5 steps to understand and determine THE ball bearing slide you need!

Contents :

  1. Folded length
  2. Extension
  3. Load capacity
  4. Material
  5. Options

1 – The folded length

First of all you need to determine the folded length of your slide. This means that the fully folded slide must be able to fit into the space you have provided.

CHAMBRELAN offers, as standard, telescopic slides ranging from 150 mm to 2 metres in steps of 50 to 100 mm.

Glissières acier à billes repliée

Full extension telescopic slide in steel

 2 – Extension

Once you have selected the folded length, you must choose the extension that best suits your application:Glissière télescopique en positin ouverte

For example, for a ball bearing slide with a folded length of 500 mm, its stroke will be included, depending on the models :


3 – Load capacity

You have selected the folded length and the extension, the load to be moved is your third question. And this question will also lead you to choose the type of assembly, on the major axis (recommended) or on the minor axis.

CHAMBRELAN bases the maximum load that a pair of ball bearing slides can support :

    • Uniformly distributed on the small mobile element of the slide,
    • Per pair of fully developed slides,
    • Horizontal edged uprights…

Our load is always given per pair of slides as this corresponds to our load calculation protocol!

The capacity ranges from a few kilos up to 1.5 tons on the E1020 high performance ball bearing slide!

Glissières extra hautes performances

A flat mounting of the ball guides can be considered. However the load capacity is considerably reduced, forcing to oversized the slides. For this reason, it is preferable to install them on the major axis and not flat mounting!

4 – Material

Once you have determined the main characteristics of your telescopic slide, the question of the material arises.

We propose 3 of them:

While steel is the most commonly used material, stainless steel is sometimes indispensable for installations in clean rooms or outdoors. Aluminium can be a good alternative for a highly corrosion-resistant slide at a much lower price than stainless steel slides.

5 – Les options

You have just determined the basic telescopic slide you need! But there are many options! As standard you can find :

  • Locking in open position: the drawer can only be folded down after pressing a latch,
  • Closed lock: the drawer is opened by pressing a latch (picture),
  • open and closed locking: which combines the two previous ones

Note that we also offer ready-to-use ergonomic locking handles.

Chambrelan also offers custom-made slides:

    • customized folded length,
    • development,
    • special surface treatment,
    • special grease,
    • but also quick installation devices…

Do not hesitate to share your projects with us!

Chambrelan offers you the most suitable telescopic slide for your project! To help you to identify the right reference, do not hesitate to complete this table below and contact us to discuss it!

1 – Folded length   …………………………………………   mm
2 – Extension
  • Partial extension
  • Full extension
  • OverExtension
3 – Load per pair   …………………………………………   kg


  • major axis
  • minor axis
4 – Material
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Stainless steel
5 – Options    
6 – Remarks    



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